Visit the Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary, officially called the Douglas County Wildlife Management Area (DCWMA), is a 4,000 acre property that is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and leased from Douglas County (except for 994 acres that are state owned).  240 acres of the property were designated the Solon Springs Sharptail Barrens State Natural Area by the DNR in 1968.

Bird life is dominated by species, which require extensive open landscapes including the rare sharp-tailed grouse, upland sandpiper, northern harrier (marsh hawk), clay-colored sparrow, red-tailed hawk, and vesper sparrow.

Other birds include sora rail, spotted sandpiper, short-eared owl, rough-legged hawk, eastern bluebird, rufous-sided towhee, gray catbird, brown thrasher, vesper sparrow, american woodcock, and ruffed grouse.

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    1. Hello,
      You can get pictures of the horse campground on the Douglas County Forest website. They manage the use of the campground and will help you with more information. The Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place to ride! I hope you will enjoy and then send us some beautiful photos to post!

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